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Last Day of High School

Some photos of our last day at McAuley – May 16, 1980!

With Mary Ellen Cosgrove, Julie Maurer, Ginny Gaura, Melanie Oskvarek, Cathy Daly, Beth Reardon

126338312_10224385151721605_6629248068151267700_o-4.jpg 126536654_10224385165841958_7858732781235976169_o-2.jpg 126346124_10224385152121615_380998900394887675_o-3.jpg 126258267_10224385153601652_129931211224041502_o-1.jpg 126206638_10224385152521625_1732872798266146135_o-0.jpg

McAuley Memories Video

Much of this video is what we compiled for our 2010 reunion, but there are some additional photos and it’s been set to music.



This was a big deal at the time

IMG_E6257-0.JPG IMG_E6256-1.JPG

Fun memories part 2

French Club, A Capella practice, maybe Brother Rice musical Jesus Christ Super Star?

IMG_E6259-3.JPG IMG_E6253-4.JPG IMG_E6254-0.JPG IMG_E6255-1.JPG IMG_E6258-2.JPG

Fun memories Part 1

Would be fun to see the reasons that were put down on the tardy slip

IMG_E6240-0.JPG IMG_E6241-1.JPG IMG_E6247-2.JPG

Stack the Deck

Taboo words, word flow, repetitious, awkward…I remember seeing all of these comments on my papers!

taboowords-1.jpg Resized_20201115_094037-0.jpeg

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